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Dry, Medium-Dry


North America


1 Gallon, 1 Quart

Special Attributes

Drought Tolerant, Lawn Alternative, Shade Tolerant


Partial-Shade, Shade

A graceful, fine-textured, clump-forming sedge native to the New England central or northern hardwood mixed deciduous forests. It can be identified by its narrow blades less than 1.5mm wide along with the unusual coiled stigmas. The foliage lies in a sweeping mound about six inches from the ground. If planted on slopes or in masses, the foliage appears to swirl in a gorgeous display. This sedge thrives in many conditions as long as it is in dry to average soil which makes it a great low-maintenance lawn substitute. Appalachian Sedge does do best in warmer regions with some shade. It will bloom to about 12 in and will bloom in the late Spring.