Native Ferns

Ferns are extraordinary plants whose origins can be traced back to over 300 million years and can thrive in a multitude of climates. Northeast native ferns are available in various sizes, textures and forms. These natives are not only planted for admiration, they also solve many problematic landscape situations such as shade, drainage (wet or dry areas), large open areas, erosion control and basic groundcover. Long Island Natives has many varieties to choose from that fulfill most gardening needs for the Long Island climate. Contact our consultants today to find out which species works best with your landscape design.

Native Grasses

Due to erratic cycles of frost and thaw, weather conditions on Long Island can be a challenging environment for flora to prosper. Soil conditions on Long Island can be primarily dry and sandy. Wind conditions can at times be severe and salty. Because of this unique growing climate, grasses that have evolved in our local ecosystem are becoming a popular choice among landscape professionals for their ability to thrive under local conditions. Long Island Natives is Long Island’s largest grower of native grasses suitable for just about every restoration project.

Native Perennials

Native perennials (forbs) are not just ecologically beneficial but can also be quite showy with many species offering colorful blooms throughout each season. Our native perennials are often used in natural gardens providing food for our ever so important local pollinators.

Native Shrubs

Long Island Natives boast a wide selection of indigenous woody shrubs. Shrubs are extremely beneficial in the landscape as they offer shelter and foraging food to many species of birds and mammals in our region. Shrubs can also stabilize slopes in areas prone to erosion. Long Island Natives offers woody shrubs for nearly every type of habitat across the regions from full sun to full shade, salt water to fresh water as well as drought tolerant species.

Native Trees

Native trees are vital to the interconnected food web and preserving biodiversity in the natural world. Some species of trees such as oaks have been proven to support over 500 species of caterpillars and other important insects. Trees also play a critical role in capturing carbon from the atmosphere. Long Island Natives grows seedling trees in various sizes ideal for reforestation efforts.