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10 Gallon Multi-stem (Clump form), 10 Gallon Single Stem (1.25" caliper / diameter), 20 Gallon Multi-stem (Clump form)

Amelanchier grandiflora is a hybrid cross between two species of North American serviceberry. This is a small, deciduous, usually multi-trunked understory tree or tall shrub which typically matures to 15-20’ tall. Flowers bloom in April followed by edible fruits (3/8″ diameter) in June (hence the sometimes used common name of Juneberry for amelanchiers). Berries resemble blueberries in taste and may be used in jams, jellies and pies. Finely-toothed, oval-lanceolate leaves (to 3″ long) emerge with bronze tints in spring, mature to dark green from late spring throughout summer before finally turning brilliant red to orange-red in fall.